The power of Pressure-Drop

Why not use D.I.C. directly on the fresh fruit/vegetable?

When the objective of D.I.C. is to debacterize or inhibit enzymatic reactions (oxidation ...)
it can be performed on fresh products despite their high moisture content.
When the objective of D.I.C. is to realize the expansion of the material,
we must choose the product moisture to exceed the glass transition during the expansion to the final temperature.
This often involves the need for a first drying stage (from 90% to 15% of moisture content, approximately).

How does the expansion remain?

Thanks to the instant cooling, the product returns to below the glass transition. This allows the structure to not collapse.

Do all the products need a first drying step before D.I.C. texturing?

No, some products can be processed directly after harvest and only dried after D.I.C. treatment, such as paddy rice, meat, fish, seafood, or certain types of leaves.