The power of Pressure-Drop


Drying intensification by D.I.C.

swelldrying divers

Traditional drying



  Raw material (90% Moisture)  
  Preparation (pitting, peeling, cleaning, cutting)  
4 to 6 hours
~15 hours
Difficulty reaching less than 5%
D.I.C. (20s)
  Drying to 5%
2 to 3 hours
< 12 months
> 24 months

Expanded structure (crispy)


Grinding ease


Fast rehydration kinetics


Good nutritional characteristics


High organoleptic quality


Debacterized products (baby-food)

Decontamination (pasteurization, sterilization)

Eliminates vegetative bacteria and bacterial spores (E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria ...)

Reduction of the number of bacteria up to 4 log

Harmless for the product, no treatment-related degradation

Process in agreement with organic certification

Meets the highest requirements in terms of food safety

Hundreds of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals are now successfully decontaminated:
fresh or dried spices (parsley, Provence herbs, basil, pepper)
garlic, mushrooms, medicinal herbs (licorice, mint, nettle ...), algae, microalgae

Material may be processed in the form of leaves, pieces or powder
  spore before treatment  
Spore before processing
  spore after treatment  
Spore after processing

Post-harvest rice processing

Drying intensification by D.I.C.


Traditional drying


D.I.C. + Drying

  Paddy rice
D.I.C. (30s)
8 hours
+ Tempering cycles
24 hours
2 hours
No tempering steps required
Brown rice
Cooking 40-60 min
Brown rice
Cooking 12-16 min
White rice
Cooking 18-20 min
White rice
Cooking 7-9 min
Broken rice rate 15 to 40%
Broken rice rate 1 to 3%
Storing < 1 year
Storing > 2 years

Dairy processing

Expanded granule powders (High specific surface area)

Milk powders, cheese, caseinates...

Debacterization (baby-food...)

Cheese snacking

cheese expended

Extraction of volatiles compounds

Extraction of volatile fractions in minutes (2 to 4 min), including essential oil

(against a few hours with hydro or steam distillation)


Extracted essential oil in water emulsion

Optional separation or stabilization of the emulsion

No thermal degradation

Time and cost of operation reduced

Very small amount of added water (less than 80 kg / ton of dry material)


Extraction of non-volatile compounds

Intensified by D.I.C. pretreatment


Better access for the solvent to extractable molecules


Improves the extraction yields (30% to 800%)


Reduces extraction time


Reduces the amount of solvent and energy used


Deodorization before antioxidant extraction is possible



Yield g / g dm naringin orangepeel
  Time (min)
legend orangepeel
DIC : Instant Controlled pressure Drop
RM : Raw Material
HD : Material after hydrodistillation
SE : Solvent extraction
UAE : Ultrasonic assisted extraction

Extraction example of a compound contained in the orange peel, by combining different methods

Allaf T; Tomao V; Ruiz K; Chemat F. Instant controlled pressure drop technology and ultrasound assisted extraction for sequential extraction of essential oil and antioxidants. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 2013, 20(1),239-246.


Effect on immunoreactive proteins

Short treatment time (<3 min)

Reduction / Elimination of allergens

Proven on several legumes

Lupin - Peanuts - Soy
Lentils - Chickpeas