The power of Pressure-Drop

Decontamination (pasteurization, sterilization)

Eliminates vegetative bacteria and bacterial spores (E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria ...)

Reduction of the number of bacteria up to 4 log

Harmless for the product, no treatment-related degradation

Process in agreement with organic certification

Meets the highest requirements in terms of food safety

Hundreds of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals are now successfully decontaminated:
fresh or dried spices (parsley, Provence herbs, basil, pepper)
garlic, mushrooms, medicinal herbs (licorice, mint, nettle ...), algae, microalgae

Material may be processed in the form of leaves, pieces or powder
  spore before treatment  
Spore before processing
  spore after treatment  
Spore after processing