The power of Pressure-Drop

Extraction of non-volatile compounds

Intensified by D.I.C. pretreatment


Better access for the solvent to extractable molecules


Improves the extraction yields (30% to 800%)


Reduces extraction time


Reduces the amount of solvent and energy used


Deodorization before antioxidant extraction is possible



Yield g / g dm naringin orangepeel
  Time (min)
legend orangepeel
DIC : Instant Controlled pressure Drop
RM : Raw Material
HD : Material after hydrodistillation
SE : Solvent extraction
UAE : Ultrasonic assisted extraction

Extraction example of a compound contained in the orange peel, by combining different methods

Allaf T; Tomao V; Ruiz K; Chemat F. Instant controlled pressure drop technology and ultrasound assisted extraction for sequential extraction of essential oil and antioxidants. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 2013, 20(1),239-246.